The World's Most Powerful Battery-Operated Portable LED Lighting System

The AL4L LED Light Tower System from TEREX®

Introducing the World's brightest, clearest, and cleanest mobile LED lighting solution, providing superior light quality at a fraction of normal operating costs. The AL4L is the first portable light tower to combine ultra bright military-grade LED Panels with powerful onboard batteries and no engine for the ultimate in silent performance.

The perfect answer for hundreds of applications that require portable lighting - the AL4L LED Light Tower delivers an inspiring 1080 watts of LED light output, nearly equivalent to 4000 watts from traditional metal halide systems. Featuring tool-free panel adjustment and full rotational capabilities, the AL4L offers up to eight times more lighting power than other LED and Solar-powered options now on the market.

No Fuel - No Noise - No Emissions - The Ultimate in Clean Portable Lighting